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Discovering a Career in Fitness While Balancing Life as a Working Father

Bruce Franse

Bruce Franse was looking to help people get their life back. As an athlete in his earlier years, Bruce joined the workforce after college and was unhappy with his weight gain. He began a weight loss journey that would change his life. After losing 105 pounds, he decided that he wanted to play a part in helping other people transform their lives.

Bruce was researching different personal training and exercise science programs, but what drew him to Bryan University was the flexibility that an online education could give him. He contacted Bryan and soon discovered that this would be the right place for him. “The vibe I got from the admissions representative was very genuine. In fact, the person I spoke to was also enrolled in Bryan.” Bruce also knew after speaking with financial aid, that he had made the right decision. He said, “I didn’t feel like it was all about them – it was more about what was best for me.”

Bruce began the Associate Degree in Applied Exercise and Fitness and loved the program. He had attended college when he was younger, but this time around he felt a greater connection with his instructors. At Bryan, he felt the instructors genuinely cared about what was happening in their students’ lives and worked hard to make the classes both educational and fun.  “I feel that when somebody is invested in you, it makes you try harder – it makes you feel like they are rooting for you.” Once Bruce completed the associate degree program, he went on to also graduate from the Bachelor of Science in Professional Fitness Training and Exercise Science.

The flexibility of an online program was his favorite aspect of his education at Bryan University. As a working father, the flexibility to participate in class and complete assignments from anywhere made it so much easier to complete his degrees. When life handed Bruce difficult situations, that flexibility helped him to keep moving ahead with his program without having to drop classes.

Bruce is currently a Fitness Manager at California Family Fitness in Sacramento, California, and also owns his own personal training business. For Bruce, being able to have a career in something that he is passionate about, helping others change their life, has made a real impact in his own life.

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