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Bryan University Receives Gold Award by Healthy Arizona Worksites

Bryan University, a leader in transforming students’ lives through engaging, experiential online education, received the “Gold Award” by Healthy Arizona Worksites for 2017.

The Healthy Arizona Worksites award has four recognition levels: copper, silver, gold and platinum. Many companies throughout Arizona apply and are awarded based on several different types of criteria.

This marks the third year in a row Bryan University has been honored with the gold.

Tracy Cruickshank, a member of Maricopa County Department of Public Health, believes the award signifies a productive and smart work environment:

Efficient, effective and sustainable worksite wellness initiatives can improve employee health and wellness. The Healthy Arizona Worksites Program helps employers understand how to design, implement and evaluate a worksite health program that meets their needs.”

Bryan University met the gold standard by using popular wellness offerings that address nutrition, stress management, and physical activity. The company’s chair massages are a hit amongst employees, giving them a chance step away from their work for 15 minutes and relax their mind and body. The company also provides 24/7 access to an onsite gym equipped with machines, free weights and a locker room with showers and towels.

Bryan University Vice President of Employee Excellence, Julie Phillips, had this to say about the achievement:

This award is very important to our organization because it represents how much we value our employees and their overall well-being.  By investing in our employees’ health, we have seen an increase in effort, commitment and productivity.  Maintaining a healthy workforce contributes to positive morale and increased employee engagement.  Working alongside colleagues who have transformed their health, and ultimately their lives, for the better as result of our wellness program is inspiring!”

With strong support from senior management, Bryan University provides an online wellness tool and app that supports and encourages employees to change behaviors so they live healthier lifestyles.  Around the office the company encourages wellness habits through our monthly wellness lunch and learn, walking workstation, bean bag room, weekly wellness walks, and monthly wellness challenges. 

About Healthy Arizona Worksites

The Healthy Arizona Worksites Program (HAWP) is a public health initiative that has been developed through a partnership between the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health. This statewide program provides Arizona employers with training, technical assistance, tools, and resources to design, implement, and evaluate worksite wellness initiatives. HAWP also works to create linkages between Arizona businesses engaging in healthy worksite efforts so they can learn from each other and share experiences.

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About Bryan University

Bryan University is an industry leader in solving complex challenges in online education and delivering transformative experiences to students.  Founded in 1940 based upon the principle of providing innovative education that leads to productive professional careers, the university continues to develop effective online learning strategies through evidenced-based research and believes online learning can be an educational pathway preferred by students.

Bryan University offers undergraduate programs in fitness, healthcare, legal services, and business. The university also offers a graduate program in public health.  Advisory board members and faculty for these programs include notable industry executives and professionals.

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