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Bryan U Employee Spotlight: Loren Ledesma, Business Office Associate

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This month’s Bryan University employee spotlight is Loren Ledesma. Loren has been a Business Office Associate at BU for eight years. She worked for BU years ago at the Sacramento campus, assisting with the court reporting program, and also doing dictations for students. Loren and her family had a history with BU; so when an opportunity to work in the business office came up, she was happy to step up. 

Loren loves her work at BU, especially being to help others. “I love helping people, both our students and my team.” Her older daughters had often helped out at BU when the family lived in Arizona. Yet, when they both returned to college classes, Loren took the opportunity to begin working with BU again. 

Another thing that Loren values at BU is the opportunity Bryan offers to non-traditional students. Bryan’s flexible class schedules and accelerated programs give non-traditional students the flexibility they need to improve their careers while working, raising a family, or running a business. Loren’s line of work can be particularly challenging at times; however, she recognizes the value in the work that she is doing. “Every time I hear a “thank you for working with me,” or a student resolves a balance and then returns to BU to further their education, I feel the value in what I am doing.”

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Loren and her husband have been married for 34 years and have four daughters and one granddaughter. And when Loren is not working with BU students, she can be found baking, paddle boarding, or enjoying a live music show. “I really do enjoy so many different types of music! At a live show, you can usually find me up front in the spot Roger calls the “sweat and spit zone”!”

Working at Bryan has been beneficial to Loren. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, her longevity with BU and her background were extremely valuable. As a long-time remote employee, she brought a breath of experience during an uncertain time. She became a full-time employee, which has been a blessing to her family, allowing her to contribute more to keep her family moving forward. 

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