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Bryan U Employee Spotlight: Jessica M Seda-Ruiz, Associate Registrar

Jessica Seda Ruiz
Jessica M Seda-Ruiz

This month’s Bryan University employee spotlight is Jessica M Seda-Ruiz, M.M. Jessica has been associate registrar at BU since March of 2022. As a veteran in the higher education field, Jessica has had 20 years of experience in roles such as student advisor and registrar. “I knew that Bryan would be the perfect fit because when I researched BU further, I saw nothing but positive feedback, comments, and stories written up for news outlets.”

Jessica enjoys her work at BU, managing student records and supporting other teams and departments like admissions, advising, and financial aid. One of her favorite aspects of her job is processing reports and working through complicated issues and data. She loves the challenge of jumping into a report to process data for any student record activity. “I like being seen as an expert in compliance, processes, and policies.” 

As a BU employee, Jessica loves BU because of the people. She acknowledges that everyone on her registrar team is excellent and that she can work with BU staffers from all university levels through her position. Through her work with the registrar department, she often has special project opportunities, which allow her to get to know others in BU and expand her skills and knowledge. 

Jessica relates most to the BU Core value of “Trust and Be Trusted.” She values her integrity and believes that anything is possible with a high level of integrity. She discussed a time when she made an error with dates for student records, and though it was extra work, she acknowledged her mistake and worked to update the error. It was an excellent opportunity for her to learn, and it helped her to see that most mistakes on the job can be corrected. 

For Jessica, BU inspires her as she moves each student into a “graduated” status on their student record. For her, this is an excellent example of how the BU teams work together to do what’s best for each student. “It’s an amazing feeling when a student who never thought they could achieve a degree says ‘thank you for your support.” 

Jessica loves the direction the university is going in and values BU’s potential. “I’m excited to see our processes and technology evolve!” 

The Bryan University Employee Spotlight is an initiative that recognizes employees monthly. All employees of Bryan University are eligible. Learn more about Careers at Bryan University.

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