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Bryan U Employee Spotlight: Jesse Hamilton, Remote Systems Administrator

This month’s Bryan University employee spotlight is Jesse Hamilton. Jesse has been working at BU for a year. He is the Remote Systems Administrator, working with the university’s servers, computers, software, and networking. 

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Jesse got into the field of computers when he was a child. When a new computer game lacked compatibility with his then-computer, Jesse researched how to get it to work and then set out to make it happen. After identifying the problem, he learned how to get his older model computer to play the new game. From then on, Jesse enjoyed “troubleshooting” and discovered he could work in a field that allowed him to utilize his penchant for logic and his curiosity. 

After a devastating bout with COVID-19, Jesse suffered a tremendous health scare and had to leave his job. As he was recovering with the help of a physical therapist, he suggested that looking for work would help him recover. He was reviewing jobs for colleges in his state, Texas, and stumbled upon a job opening at Bryan University that piqued his interest. What struck Jesse the most about BU was how friendly everyone was, “This is one of the huge things about BU; everyone is just so nice!” 

In fact, for Jesse, it’s the relationships with his co-workers and supervisors that keep him energized. His connections with colleagues tell him that BU is where he is meant to be. Jesse credits his supportive and compassionate colleagues with helping him fully heal from his COVID-19 injuries. 

Jesse also finds his work at BU to be fulfilling. He enjoys the challenges and loves to troubleshoot different issues that may arise. “I am a troubleshooter, and I love learning. It’s great for me to work in this area because it changes so fast in this world of computers and technology.” 

While much of Jesse’s daily interactions are with BU employees, his attention to detail and ability to be solutions-focused keep him thinking about how easily a BU student or potential student can navigate through the technology. 

The Bryan University Employee Spotlight is an initiative that recognizes employees monthly. All employees of Bryan University are eligible. Learn more about Careers at Bryan University.

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