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Bryan U Employee Spotlight: Emily Cox, Senior Experiential Learning Designer

This month’s Bryan University employee spotlight is Emily Cox. Emily is a Senior Experiential Learning Designer. Emily began working at BU in 2018 as a part-time instructional designer, and then, in 2022, she joined the design team full-time.

Emily Cox

Emily was always interested in learning and education. “I was the kid that loved the start of a new school year.” For Emily, who has worked in instructional design for 17 years, higher education has been a natural fit. “I have been blessed to make wonderful friends along the way. Some of these friends had moved to BU and introduced me to this wonderful company. I love the work I do and the people I work with.”

Emily enjoys her work at Bryan for several reasons. One thing Emily loves is being able to work on a variety of topics and projects. Because Emily is on the design side of courses, she will learn new things about the topics her courses cover. Another thing that Emily enjoys is thinking about the unique needs of each learner. This open mind helps Emily develop new and effective ways to engage all the different learners at other points in their educational journey. Emily’s favorite part of her job is working with subject matter experts to help find real-world, application-based student assignments. “I love that we have gotten away from the research paper and test model of learning that was so much a part of education for so long.”

Emily loves the people that she works with and always feels supported. For Emily, the BU Core Value, “Win Together,” really resonates with her, “I believe in the old adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are all better when we collaborate and work together.” Collaboration is a large part of her position at BU and an essential part of the culture at BU. This collaborative culture encourages Emily to open up, ask questions, and seek new ideas from colleagues. The collaborative environment also allows Emily and her colleagues to create optimum learning products incorporating the “win together” mindset. 

Working at BU has inspired Emily to grow in her career. She feels that the collaborative and supportive environment at BU has allowed her to find opportunities to learn more about different processes, ideas, and technology. Everything that she can use to make the BU student learning experience better. “Knowing I have the support of a team that wants to learn more and wants to find better ways of doing things is a wonderful benefit of working for BU.”

The Bryan University Employee Spotlight is an initiative that recognizes employees monthly. All employees of Bryan University are eligible.

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