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Bryan U Employee Spotlight: Blanca Garcia, Employee Excellence Generalist

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Meet Blanca Garcia, an Employee Excellence Generalist at Bryan University. Blanca is part of the Employee Excellence Department and has been with BU for eight months. In her role, Blanca handles daily HR functions like orientation, compliance training, and leaves of absence. 

Blanca’s biggest inspiration at BU is her team, who have shared their knowledge with her and helped her grow professionally. “I know I can count on them,” she said. 

In her time at BU, Blanca said she’s grown in many ways, especially in her HR knowledge. In the next five years, she hopes to lead an HR team. 

Of BU’s six core values, Blanca said Deliver Delight Every Time resonates with her the most. “I enjoy providing the best service possible to our employees. I believe this helps our student-facing teams do the same!” 

That core value comes into play when Blanca helps new hires. Her favorite part of her role is helping the newest BU employees feel welcomed and be able to help on their first day. 

Blanca’s advice to someone just starting their career is to ask questions. “At times, you may feel like you’re failing by asking, but this is actually reinforcing your knowledge.” 

Blanca said she stays motivated through a specific mindset. “I like to think that wherever you are or go, you leave things better than how you found them. That’s my motivation, knowing I’m leaving it better.” 

As a first-generation college student, Blanca said being part of an organization like BU is especially rewarding. “I’m the first in my family to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Working at BU and seeing the support our students get makes me happy,” she said. “Especially knowing how hard it can be to navigate college when you’re the first generation to attend.” 

Blanca wants prospective and current employees to know she’s always there if anyone has a question or needs help. “Please reach out to me with any questions or guidance you may need. At times, there are things that haven’t happened within our business that may need a solution that involves the managers in the EE department to team up!” 

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