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The Benefits of Obtaining Your Fitness and Nutrition Degree Online

With a projected 11-percent growth between 2020 and 2030 according to the BLS, a career in nutrition management, fitness, and exercise science is calling your name. You’re ready to begin applying to colleges for enrollment, but you’re unsure if you should attend in person or online. Which is better?

Obtaining your fitness, exercise science, and nutrition degree online is the more advantageous option for these reasons:

  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Pick up skills that employers value
  • Get prepped for certifications
  • Access to great online resources
  • Many exciting career directions

Before you make an enrollment decision, this article is certainly worth reading. We’ll expound further on the above perks of working your way towards a bachelor’s degree in nutrition management, fitness, and exercise science.

The 5 Benefits of an Online Fitness and Nutrition Degree

Learn From the Comfort of Your Home

One of the big advantages of online learning is you attend college from a place that’s already comfortable and familiar to you – your home. You’ll feel focused and ready to handle the tasks of the day!

You won’t have to worry about a commute, which can win you back several hours per day and dozens of hours per week. That time can go into your studies or simply decompressing, which we all need to do from time to time.

You can save money on your education as well. When you don’t commute, you don’t have to put gas in your car as often. And with the cost of gas these days, this could save you quite a bit. You can also skip the residential fees of on-campus living. It’s a win-win-win!

Pick up the Skills That Employers Value

Your college education should prepare you to be an ideal job candidate in the field you wish to enter.  When you choose an online college such as Bryan University for your fitness and nutrition degree online, you can be confident that your education will take you far.

You’ll learn the skills that fitness centers and facilities are looking for when they make a hiring decision.

Those skills include advanced physiology and anatomy, corrective exercise, exercise programming (including for specialty populations), exercise psychology, and advanced health screenings.

What makes a good fitness professional is not only knowledge in health, nutrition, and exercise, but soft skills and business savvy as well. That’s why the curriculum at Bryan U focuses on leadership training, management skills, marketing, and entrepreneurship for those aspiring fitness pros who wish to become self-employed.

The soft skills you can pick up include research, writing, and communications. These skills can increase your client roster and help you retain clients.

By the time you graduate with your fitness and nutrition degree online, you’ll be well-rounded and ready to tackle all the challenges of a fitness career!

Get Prepped for Your Certifications

Whether you want to join a gym or work as a personal trainer or nutritionist, being certified is a great way to show your expertise and differentiate yourself from the pack. That can be the difference between a client hiring you for their fitness needs or going somewhere else.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine or NASM is one certifying organization that many aspiring personal trainers and nutrition professionals choose to get certified.

Usually, preparing for the Certified Nutrition Coach certification is something that students have to do in their own personal time. It can be stressful balancing your college course load and study prep for the NASM exam.

Online colleges such as Bryan University will prepare you for your CNC certification exam so you’ll be readier to take it and pass the first time around. Rather than have to pick your studies or the exam prep, both will be rolled into one.

Further, Bryan U will help you qualify to sit in for the National Strength and Condition Association or NSCA’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist or CSCS certification.

CSCS-certified professionals work with athletes to improve their physical prowess and help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Having a certification like this under your belt would look great on your resume.

Whether you want one of these certifications or both, an online fitness and nutrition degree program is the way to get there.

Utilize a Variety of Online Resources

You may wonder how certain aspects of a fitness and nutrition degree program would translate online, but you’d be surprised!

With the multitude of online resources available at your fingertips, you’ll have access to a complete education.

Online universities such as Bryan U offer students access to the FitHive personal trainer management software to learn how to market your fitness and nutrition services as well as how to build and manage your client programs.

You can interact with your instructors using a live webcam, which would be provided to you upon your enrollment. These allows you to demonstrate your skills to experts so you receive coaching and feedback right from the comfort of home. You can even connect with fitness and nutrition experts using webcams to pick their brains about their wealth of knowledge.

Access to a rich peer network allows you to connect with others in your program and have study sessions, test prep, and whatever you need. Quickly and effortlessly upload your assignments via a video app right from your smartphone.

Your education will feel fuller due to these online resources.

Take Your Career in Exciting New Directions

Where do you envision your nutritionist, exercise, or fitness career taking you? Perhaps you’ll work at a rehabilitation center, a high school, a corporate fitness center, or a gym or fitness facility. You may even be self-employed.

As you climb the career ladder, you can aspire to become a strength and conditioning specialist, an exercise club manager or director, a fitness studio owner, an exercise instructor, a nutrition coach, a sports performance coach, or a certified personal trainer.

With career services included as part of your online fitness and nutrition degree at Bryan U, you can find job leads and networking opportunities while strengthening your resume as a post-grad.

Before you know it, you could find a job and be on your way to using your degree every day to help people be healthier.

What Degree Is Best for a Nutrition Coach? Can You Become a Nutrition Coach Online?

Becoming a personal trainer or nutrition and wellness coach online is possible when you enroll in Bryan University’s Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Fitness, and Nutrition Management.

Besides learning the soft skills, business management skills, and fitness skills you need to excel in your career, you’ll also pick up specialized nutrition coaching skills.

For example, you’ll learn how nutrition and physical activity impacts entire populations and how an athlete’s nutrition and fitness needs vary from the average person’s. You’ll feel confident issuing dietary recommendations to clients of all types.

As a student at Bryan University, the cost of your courseware, technology, and books are all included in your program tuition. Plus, your tuition is locked for the entirety of your time at the college. You also gain the NASM CNC certification training as part of your degree.

Bryan U’s accelerated bachelor program will get you in and out faster so you can get on the road to your exciting career in fitness and nutrition. This is the perfect step for working in a career that will improve the lives of others!

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