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The Benefits of a Digital Marketing Degree from an Online School

As technology becomes more and more a part of daily life, the field of digital marketing will continue to grow right along with it. The BLS estimates that marketing jobs will increase 10 percent between 2020 and 2030. Earning a digital marketing degree will give you an edge to start your career in this growing field. What are the benefits of a digital marketing degree online?

Obtaining a digital marketing degree from an online school is advantageous for these reasons:

  • A degree provides a well-rounded digital marketing education
  • Learn the digital marketing skills that employers want
  • Opportunity to earn marketing certifications
  • Accelerated digital marketing education online is convenient
  • Range of employment opportunities upon graduation

Are you still not sure if a digital marketing degree is a must? In this guide, we’ll talk further about the above benefits of obtaining your degree online so you can decide what your next steps are.

6 Reasons to Earn Your Digital Marketing Degree Online

#1 – A Digital Marketing Degree Provides You with a Well-Rounded Marketing Education

The sheer multitude of marketing concepts you’d have to learn independently to be an efficient digital marketer can be overwhelming. Do you understand SEO and Search marketing? What about PPC advertising or remarketing?

If you can’t confidently answer yes, then furthering your education with a degree will help advance your skills immensely and validate your credibility in the marketplace. Your future marketing employer will rely on you and your team to deliver results, achieving a higher ROI or more leads and traffic for your clients.

Without a full breadth of marketing knowledge, completing those learning milestones is difficult and sometimes nearly impossible without the right support and curriculum.

Should you choose to obtain a digital marketing degree online, you’re laying the foundation for marketing knowledge that will benefit and establish your future career.

With the foundational knowledge you obtained as you studied hard to earn your degree, you’ll find it easier to grasp marketing concepts once you enter the workforce, even newer and emerging ones.

#2 – You’ll Learn the Skills That Employers Want

Marketing, as we established, is a field that’s in-demand. If you hope to excel as a digital marketer, then you need must-have skills that hiring managers are looking for.

Those skills include important soft skills such as strong communication and critical thinking abilities. You must be ready and able to use these in real-world situations. Your digital marketing degree will provide you the opportunity to develop and strengthen these skills.

Today’s digital marketer must be especially well-versed in social media marketing, including social media management. For example, managing ads and/or posts on Facebook may very well be a daily part of your job description.

In addition to Search marketing, such as Google and Microsoft Ads, a digital marketer has to possess other skills to excel in their role. You’ll learn the importance of identifying target audiences and audience segmentation, relevant messaging and advertising copy, along with branding.

You’ll also understand the vital importance of website design, web copy, and online user experience. Learning digital marketing software and interfaces such as Hootsuite (for social media management) and the Facebook interface will be valuable to your career.

A digital marketer must also be educated in law and ethics so that before they launch a marketing campaign, they can be confident they uphold their client’s reputation and maintain Truth in Advertising laws from the government.

Business and data analytics is another skill a digital marketer must possess. After all, in today’s digital world, marketing data and metrics are vital components in measuring success of a digital marketing campaign.

With a digital marketing degree, you’ll brush up on all these skills and gain an opportunity to use the software and tools that real digital marketers rely on frequently to analyze marketing data such as Microsoft Excel.

By the time you graduate with your online degree, you’ll feel confident to take on the role as a skilled digital marketer!

#3 – You Have the Opportunity to Earn Certifications

A certification is an opportunity to prove your mastery in certain concepts and areas related to your field. For instance, maybe you want to focus on advertising, so you go for a Google Ads certification.

Perhaps your specialty is social media marketing, so you decide that you want a cert in Hootsuite Social Marketing. You could also try for a Facebook Blueprint certification.

Those who are masterful in Microsoft Office can aspire to earn a Microsoft Excel Associate certification.

Some online universities such as Bryan University with a digital marketing degree program may offer students the opportunity to earn these certifications as part of your tuition costs.

#4 – Having a Digital Marketing Degree Makes You a More Qualified Job Candidate

As you near graduation and begin applying for digital marketing jobs, differentiating yourself from other job candidates is a must.

You have two primary ways you can do that. One is to earn an accredited digital marketing degree online or an accredited social media marketing degree online. The degree and related experience look wonderful on your resume.

You can then beef up your resume even further with a digital marketing certification or two. As we mentioned, some online universities will pay for you to your initial certifying exam as part of your tuition.

Even if you decide to learn marketing from scratch, your resume would not include an accredited digital marketing degree. Compared to someone who has that experience, a hiring manager might be more likely to go with the digital marketing degree graduate.

#5 – An Online, Accelerated Education Is Convenient and Flexible

Are you the type of person who decides that when you want something, you want it as quickly as possible?

If so, then an online university will suit you best. You have the opportunity to work towards an accelerated digital marketing degree online that cuts down on your time in academia.

An accelerated degree allows you to take courses throughout the year from the convenience of your home. There are no waiting lists nor cumbersome registration processes. For example, at Bryan University, you take two courses at a time for eight weeks. Once you complete these, you move seamlessly into the next two courses.

Also, with online learning, you’ll still be able to meet faculty and other students using tools like Zoom, where you’ll collaborate and learn from each other.

Another benefit of online learning is you avoid the expense and time required to travel too and from a campus. As long as you have a computer and internet connection, an online degree program allows you to learn from anywhere.

#6 – Gain Access to a Range of Employment Opportunities

Where do you want your degree in digital marketing to take you?

Digital marketers can always work in a self-employed fashion. You’d get to be your own boss and make the rules about how and when you work.

You can also join a company, working as a digital marketer in all sorts of industries and areas. Every business and industry needs talented digital marketing professionals to help their businesses grow and thrive.

For example, you could be employed in the retail sector or by service industries, non-profit enterprises, small to large businesses, production and manufacturing facilities, or insurance and finance firms.

Your online digital marketing degree could even help you get a job in a local, state, or federal government agency or perhaps a business consulting group.

Ready to Work Your Way Towards a Digital Marketing Degree Online?

If you want to obtain your digital marketing degree online, Bryan University could be just the college you’ve been looking for.

The Associate Degree in Digital Marketing program is your chance to earn an accelerated marketing degree online.

You’ll become job-ready, learning the skills that today’s companies want when hiring a digital marketer.

Whether you’re interested in a Google Ads, Hootsuite Social Marketing, Facebook Blueprint, or Microsoft Excel Associate certification, your enrollment at Bryan University in the Associate Degree in Digital Marketing program includes the opportunity to earn a certification. The certification fees are even included as part of your tuition!

Also included in your tuition costs are all the electronic courseware and books you need to make the most of your courses.

Your educational experience at Bryan U will also introduce you to simulated work environments that require you to make real decisions as a digital marketer would.

To support you every step of your journey, you’ll gain access to success coaches, tutors, and peer mentors and participate in interactive live online events as a student. Bryan University graduates can also take advantage of career services to help you land your first digital marketing job! 

Your future as a digital marketer is bright with an online degree from Bryan University!

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