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Pursuing Your Human Resources Management Bachelor’s Degree Online: What You Need to Know

Should you decide to pursue a career in human resources management or HRM, your role could allow you to be in charge of hiring employees, managing existing employees, and deploying them in their professional roles. In the meantime, you may be wondering if you could earn a human resources management bachelor’s degree online.

This article will cover the job responsibilities of an HRM professional and how to choose the right online college for you. It’ll also cover which degree to pursue and how long it will take you to graduate from an online HRM program, so keep reading!

Responsibilities of a Human Resources Manager

Creating Company Retention Strategies

What does it take to reduce employee turnover? You’ll delve into employee statistics to better understand what causes staff to leave and then devise employee retention strategies to combat those issues.

Review Benefits and Compensation Trends

What’s going on in the world of benefits and compensation? Do you feel like changes to an employee’s pay structure or benefits should trickle down to your company as well?

You can be a voice in the office. You can bring any issues or concerns up to a boss to get the ball rolling.

Lead HR Staff

Other employees will rely on your expertise in all things human resources. You will answer several questions and assist with training new members of the team.

Maintain Existing HR Systems

When you’re hired, the company you work for will have an HR system in place. They may ask you to look for the current system for any revising that may need to be made. You may be able to create and implement new policies.

From there, it’d be your responsibility to oversee the continued management of the HR system.

Ensure the Meeting of HR Goals

How well is your company achieving HR benchmarks? Where are they falling short and what strategies could make for a more successful approach next time?

Your job will call for you to work with others in various departments to strategize a way to accomplish the department’s goal.

Recruit Employees

One of the most exciting roles of a human resources manager is recruitment.

You may sit in on the interview process or decide which job candidates reach the interview stage. You could even choose who receives a second interview.

Your feedback will help your company make valuable hiring decisions that will be important in the long run.

Institute a Compensation System

The compensation system your company follows could be one of the first tasks you are placed with. You may be asked to review current market research to create a payment system for employees that’s fair and just.

You’ll also use the above-mentioned trends and market research to keep compensation fair for new and seasoned employees alike.

Ensure Compliance

Lastly, a very important role of an HRM is to ensure that your company complies with federal, state, and local regulations.

Can You Earn a Human Resources Management Bachelor’s Degree Online? How to Choose the Right School

Now that you’re aware of what a HRM career holds in store for you, you may feel surer than ever that you’re on the right job path. Now the time has to come to select which college you’ll enroll in.

The following tips will help you choose an online HRM college program for you.

Confirm That the School Is Accredited

Let’s start with what is among the most important tips when choosing a college. The college should always be accredited.

Accreditation refers to a college that has met educational standards and is approved by an accrediting institution or agency.

An accredited college will provide you with the most valuable educational opportunity.

Review the Curriculum

Many colleges will post their curriculums on their respective websites for prospective students to review.

You should compare curriculums and choose an online college that offers the most comprehensive HRM program.

For instance, you will want to learn such pillars of HRM such as international business, business economics, strategic management, business operations systems, workforce strategy, and talent acquisition.

A good HRM curriculum will also include coursework on communications, change and innovation within an organization, conflict management and negotiation, benefits and compensation management, and leading dispersed and diverse teams.

Select a School with Flexible Learning Options

One of the biggest benefits of selecting an online college is that an online university affords you flexible learning options.

You can usually log in through your computer or a mobile-connected device and participate in video lectures. All your assignments are to be submitted online as well.

Which Degree Is the Most Useful for HRM?

Your career path in will vary depending if you choose to earn your associate’s degree or your bachelor’s degree in HRM.

Having an associate’s degree certainly gives you the leg up over GED holders, but if you want your career to be on a professional path to management, a bachelor’s degree will be required in most cases.

An associate’s degree generally leads to a technical or clerical position.

A bachelor’s degree will lead toward management roles.

Both degrees are valuable and will assist you with getting your foot in the door to start your HR career. What differs is the level of education needed for the roles you strive for. Once you decide what type of role suits you, then you will know which degree to pursue.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management?

The standard period for one to earn a bachelor’s degree in a collegiate setting is four years. Is that how long it will take you to complete a human resources management program online?

Not necessarily.

This does admittedly vary by college, but some schools such as Bryan University have curriculums that are designed to help you graduate faster.

How does this happen? Online colleges like Bryan U prioritize a mastery-based learning environment that improves one’s knowledge through detailed feedback from instructors. Students can even retake assignments.

It’s not solely about earning a passing grade but not understanding the material. It’s about fully grasping HRM concepts that will become a part of your daily working life.

Is an HR Management Bachelor’s Degree Worth It?

Is getting involved in human resources management worth it? We would say so!

As an HRM professional, you can be certain that your job is positively influencing the lives of others.

You’re consistently hiring and training new staff, ensuring that current employees are compensated fairly, and advocating for their working lives. You’re also always looking into employee retention measures to make the company a better place to work.

Your employees should have more job satisfaction thanks to your efforts!

Further, the HRM field is growing about nine percent a year, which is as quick as the average rate, notes the BLS. Year over year between 2020 and 2030, up to 14,800 human resources management jobs should be added.

Your career path is financially viable and sure to still be needed long into the future. Plus, you’re making a real difference in people’s lives. That makes HRM the ideal career choice.

Ready to Pursue Your Human Resources Management Bachelor’s Degree Online?

If you’re ready to enroll and earn your human resources management bachelor’s degree online, Bryan University is just the college for you.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources Management program offered at Bryan U will teach you the HRM fundamentals you need to get hired in an assortment of settings.

You could work as part of a business consulting group, finance and insurance firm, small to large business, retailer, government agency, manufacturing and production facility, or nonprofit.

Our graduates go on to occupy exciting HRM career roles such as human resources specialist, assistant recruiter, payroll clerk, and operations manager.

Learn more about BU’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources Management program today.

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