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Is an Associate’s Degree in Human Resources Management Worth It?

Every company needs a trained, poised, professional expert in human resources management. If you’re considering this career path for yourself, you might wonder if an associate’s degree is worth it or if you need to further your education beyond that.

An associate’s degree in human resources management is very much worth it. With your degree, you can work in esteemed roles such as benefits assistant, operations manager, payroll clerk, assistant recruiter, administrative services manager, or human resources assistant.

Ahead, we’ll discuss what kinds of career doors having a human resources management associate’s degree can unlock for you. We’ll also talk about how you can earn your degree today, so make sure you keep reading!

What Can You Do with a Human Resources Management Associate’s Degree?

Having a human resources management associate’s degree is a great way to further your career goals. Per the intro, let’s take a look at some of the roles you could be hired for thanks to your new degree!

Operations Manager

As the operations manager, you’re in charge of a company’s big picture. You track the company’s processes from programs to software to ensure nothing is extraneous.

You also work within the HR department to manage product inventory, oversee finances (sometimes even manage the accounting department to track profitability and spending), and report on business successes and failures.

As an operations manager, you wear many hats but play a huge role for any company that hires you.

Administrative Services Manager

You could also work as an administrative services manager with your associate’s degree. This job is all about providing support in a myriad of ways.

For example, you’ll oversee building maintenance and company supply storage, track the budget, determine where the company can save money, and oversee renovation and construction projects the company undertakes.

You will also work with planning, design, and engineering teams, and support local departments at the office. 

Payroll Clerk

Should you get hired to the role of a payroll clerk, you’ll be issuing checks for employees.

You’ll add information to the payroll system, then calculate data to determine who should be paid what. You’ll also keep the payroll system current as employees leave, new employees are hired, and other changes are made throughout the office.

If an employee needs a payment deduction, you’d do that before you issue a check.

Benefits Assistant

Another great job you could be hired for is that of benefits assistant.

As a benefits assistant, your job is quite nuanced. You’ll be in charge of all employee benefits, which you’ll review frequently for accuracy. If any disputes arise, you’d be the one to solve them.

You’d also keep employee records current, verify record information, and keep benefits information stored for each active employee and sometimes even a retired employee too.

Assistant Recruiter

Working as an assistant recruiter is another career option to explore with your human resources management associate’s degree.

The role of assistant recruiter gets you involved in the hiring decisions on the part of your company.

You’ll parse through candidate applications and schedule interviews.

Once your company has made a hiring decision, you’d do a background check, dig into the new employee’s resume, and ensure they’re qualified for the job.

Human Resources Generalist

A more advanced human resources management role is that of human resources generalist.

You’ll be a major asset to the human resources department, interviewing job candidates and deciding who makes it on to a second interview as well as who is ultimately hired.

You’d also administer leave, benefits, and pay. You’re a master of the company practices and policies and work hard to make sure those are enforced. 

Human Resources Assistant

Yet another great role you might be able to work in with your associate’s degree is human resources assistant.

This job requires you to maintain up-to-date records and documentation on all employee information, including files.

When employees have questions about your hiring processes, benefits, standard policies, and other company practices, you’ll answer those questions.

How Do You Earn an Associate’s Degree in Human Resources Management?

You had never realized that an associate’s degree in human resources management could do so much for your future career.

You’re now much more interested in starting your college education in human resources management. How do you earn your associate’s degree?

Here are the steps to follow.

Select a College That Offers a Human Resources Management Program

The college you enroll in should offer a human resources management program so you can learn the tricks of the trade that will make you an exceptional HR professional.

The program should cover such topics as management and leadership, employee relations, business law and ethics, human resources management, employee compensation and benefits, performance management, and business analytics.

You should also learn such topics as employee development, critical thinking, employee training, communications, and speaking and presenting.

Enroll in the Program

Once you’ve selected the ideal human resources management program for you, you can enroll and start learning everything that makes a professional HR manager such a valuable asset for companies.

Graduate with Flying Colors

If you select an online education, you’ll be given so many opportunities to succeed.

Online colleges such as Bryan University offer extra assistance like tutoring, academic support staff access, expert mentoring, and access to a personal success coach.

When you graduate, you can take advantage of career services to ready up your resume, help you sharpen your interviewing skills, and assist you in finding job leads.

Is an Associate’s Degree in Human Resources Management Worth It?

Earning your human resources management associate’s degree is absolutely worth it!

The field of human resources is continuing to grow. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2021 and 2031, HR will see a job growth rate per year of eight percent.

All types of companies need HR professionals, from offices to government agencies, retailers, financial firms, business consulting groups, nonprofits, and so much more.

You’ll do a valuable job and make an important difference in the lives of employees in the company as you advocate for their rights, ensure their payroll and benefits are accurate, and make decisions that will aid in the success of the company.

You don’t even need a bachelor’s degree to break into the world of human resources management. You can obtain your associate’s degree in two years or fewer and then start your exciting new career.

Earn your Associate’s in Human Resources Management Online

Are you ready to enroll in a human resources management program today? Bryan University’s online education could be just the stepping stone to propel you to your amazing new career.

The Associate Degree in Human Resources Management program will help get you business-ready.

You’ll earn 60 total credits, taking two courses at a time with each course lasting eight weeks so you can graduate sooner.

During your fully online education, you’ll work with the tools that real HR management professionals use every day, including Microsoft Office.

You’ll also collect all the basics on business fundamentals, payroll, business promotion, financial statement analyses, business communications, and more.

Included in your education is preparation for the HRCI Associate Professional in Human Resources or aPHR exam as well as one paid attempt at the exam as part of your tuition costs.

Your tuition goes further than ever with courseware and electronic books included as well.

Bryan University makes learning online easier with tools such as Yellowdig, Cerego, Canvas, and Zoom. New students will receive a school starter kit so they’re ready to succeed right out of the gate.

Once you graduate, you can audit as many courses from the Associate Degree in Human Resources Management program as you wish to stay current. Alumni are also welcome to take advantage of our expansive career coaching and assistance services.

If you wish to further your education, Bryan University also offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources Management. This will allow you to advance your skillset even more and make yourself even more marketable.

Make the right choice for your career and enroll at Bryan University today!

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