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Everything You Want to Know About Online Marketing Associate’s Degrees

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing, promotions, and advertising managers are growing rapidly, with a projected increase in jobs of 10 percent between 2021 and 2031. You are eager to get your foot in the door as a marketing professional but are wondering if an online marketing associate’s degree is for you.

An online marketing associate’s degree is a great first step as you map out your marketing career aspirations. With an associate’s degree, you could work in covetable roles such as marketing coordinator, digital marketing specialist, or social media coordinator.

If you’re interested in pursuing an online associate’s degree in marketing this article is for you. Ahead, we’ll explain how to obtain an online marketing associate’s degree, how credible this degree is, and what career opportunities will be available to you.

Is an Online Marketing Associate’s Degree Credible?

Your first question is a common one. Is an online marketing associate’s degree credible? If you’re worried about the online component of earning your marketing associate’s degree, there’s no need to fear.

As long as the online college or university you enroll in is accredited, the level of education you’re receiving is on par with the education you’d receive at a traditional school.

You can work wherever you like, and flexible class scheduling allows you to continue your lifestyle rather than trying to live your life around your classes.

What about the credibility of an associate’s degree?

Associate’s degrees are hugely credible! It proves that you’re dedicated to furthering your education and growing as an individual.

You can get an entry-level marketing job with an associate’s degree and then decide if the career choice is right for you.

Should you like marketing and wish to grow in the industry, you can always re-enroll in an online college and obtain your bachelor’s degree!

How Do I Get an Online Marketing Associate’s Degree?

How do you go about earning your marketing associate’s degree online? Here are the steps required.

Select an Online College

We mentioned before that if an online college is accredited you will receive an education equal to what you would at a traditional college.

There’s more to consider when choosing your online college or university.

For starters, the school should offer a comprehensive digital marketing program.

You should be able to collect a full roster of skills that will make you a well-rounded and comprehensive marketing professional, even in your entry-level role.

For example, you should learn fundamentals like business promotion, digital marketing, social media management, business communications, critical thinking, and search marketing.

The online university you choose should also meet your budget and offer flexible learning environments.

Enroll in the Online College

Once you’ve selected a couple of online colleges you’re interested in, you should apply to them. Hopefully, you get accepted into your college of choice as you’re choosing to continue your education.

Complete the Education Program

Upon enrolling, you’ll begin your associate program in digital marketing. You’ll take classes that will teach you skills to prepare you for your first marketing job.

An online institution provides the possibility to graduate ahead of your peers and get out into the working world faster, snapping up job opportunities that other candidates would have quickly taken.

Use Your Degree to Find a Job

Some online colleges, such as Bryan University, offer comprehensive career services that assist you in searching for your first marketing job.

You can attend networking events, make valuable connections, find leads, receive resume and cover letter coaching, and attend practice interviews.

What Kinds of Jobs Can I Get with an Online Marketing Associate’s Degree?

Upon graduating with your digital marketing associate’s degree, it’s time to get out there and start working!

Your degree can take you in so many career directions. You could be a self-employed marketer, or you could end up working for a retailer, SMB, government agency, service industry, production and manufacturing facility, nonprofit, insurance and finance firm, or business consulting group.

Here are some of the entry-level roles in the field of digital marketing.

Sales Representative

An exciting role is serving as a sales representative.

You’ll work as part of a broader sales team, pitching products and services to leads and customers. You’ll use customer avatars and sales tactics to close as many deals as you can.

Working as a sales rep is a high-paced job where no two days are the same.

Marketing Coordinator

If you’d rather work in a true marketing field, you could become a marketing coordinator.

This role requires you to keep company calendars updated, organize and plan any promotional presentations that can shape the company’s marketing campaigns, and prepare advertising and marketing strategies based on objectives and other data.

You’ll also put together advertising and marketing campaigns, predicting their success based on sales forecasts and tracking them until the end.

Then you’d analyze what went right with the campaign versus what went wrong so you can improve even more next time.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Show off your digital marketing chops as a digital marketing specialist. This job role requires you to create digital marketing campaigns and strategies and then implement them to completion.

Each day you work in this role, your skillset will increase. You’ll also build on your communication skills as you present to leadership positions.

Your job will require you to monitor ongoing marketing campaigns, publish marketing websites, create visual campaign assets, write copy and produce other content.

Social Media Coordinator

If social media is your strong suit, you might look for a job as a social media coordinator upon graduation.

As a social media coordinator, you’re in charge of your company’s social media presence or the presence of a product or service.

You’ll learn about the company’s brand and then successfully personify that brand on social media. You’ll also execute social media marketing campaigns, track ongoing campaigns, and analyze data to improve.

Ready to Earn Your Online Marketing Associate’s Degree?

If you’re eager to begin your career in digital marketing, Bryan University’s Associate Degree in Digital Marketing is your next step.

This program will offer you 60 total credits, preparing you for a career in digital marketing. You can take up to two courses at once, and it takes about eight weeks for each course. You’ll fast-track your digital marketing education as a Bryan U student!

At a certificate level, you’ll learn business tools such as digital marketing, business promotion, and social medial management. You’ll also take classes in areas like business communications, social media management, digital marketing, and business technologies.

Before you graduate, you’ll receive preparation to take the Microsoft Excel Association certification. Your first exam attempt is included in the cost of your tuition.

At an associate level, you’ll strengthen your digital marketing skills with coursework in presenting and speaking, business law and ethics, communications, business analytics, applied digital marketing, social media marketing, and leadership.

You’ll receive preparation for the Hootsuite Social Media, Meta Blueprint, and Google Ads certifications. Two exam attempts are a part of your tuition, meaning you can earn up to two of those certifications at no cost!

Bryan U also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing program for graduates of the Associate Degree in Digital Marketing program, or any of our offered associate programs, to seamlessly transition into, furthering their careers. The bachelor’s program will allow you to build a solid skill set in advertising and promotional strategies, consumer behavior and data analytics, economics, and more! Begin your digital marketing career at Bryan University today!

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