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You’ve Just Landed Your Dream Job – Here’s Some Advice on How to Keep It


Congratulations, you’ve just landed your dream job! But how do you keep it? Think back to your interview: do you remember the commitments and promises you made? Now it’s time to follow through on those promises.
This is true, unless you’re a politician or a weather forecaster.

Politicians can promise a world of change during their campaign with little to no follow-though after being elected, and yet they still keep their jobs. Weather forecasters are frequently wrong, and yet they still keep their jobs. If you’re like most of us and you’re not an elected official or a weather forecaster, then you guessed it: you’ll actually need to keep the promises you made during your interview to keep your job.

We recommend you start by making a list of the promises that you made during your interview and the skills and competencies described in your resume. Evaluate this list within the context of your new position. Decide what you can do to fulfill the promises and highlight your skillsets. For instance, if you said you are known for going the extra mile, make sure to go the extra mile as often as you can. Did you say you are always on time? Some managers believe you are only on time if you are 15 minutes early. Make sure to seek understanding and gain clarity from your manager. Perhaps you mentioned that you are a people-person who collaborates well with others in a team environment. If this is the case, evaluate how the team dynamic is already working. Be open and friendly to all. Listen and learn from others. Decide how you can be a valuable resource to your team members and to your new manager.

Next, make a list of how you can add extra value to the organization. Is there an additional role you could fill to boost efficiency and profitability, while still effectively completing your existing duties? Do you have a specific skill that you can share with others, such as software proficiency, a sales technique, or even host an after-hours yoga class? Consider running these ideas past your manager to get feedback and request permission if needed to implement. The trick is to let these skills shine so you can add value without negatively impacting team morale or perception.

Finally, discover and adapt to your manager’s style. Be open and transparent in your communication to your manager and co-workers. Resolve misunderstandings quickly. Seek understanding by asking a lot of questions. Be open to learning, accepting of change, and ready to take on new tasks. Express your eagerness to receive additional responsibilities. Your value to the organization will quickly become evident.

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