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Setting You Up for Success: Instructional Platforms

Bryan University aims to “liberate the innate greatness in people.” This mission and BU’s core values create a framework for our students to receive the highest quality of education, which begins as soon as a student enrolls. 

In the next installment of our Setting You Up for Success series, we will examine the instructional platforms a BU student will utilize throughout their coursework. These platforms are cutting-edge, easy to use, and beneficial for the online student. 

Navigating the Digital Classroom Landscape

Beginning school can be a nerve-wracking time, especially when a student is starting a program that is 100% online. Students often worry they won’t form a relationship with their instructors or other students in their classes. Taking on a new endeavor like online school can be overwhelming when students are used to a more traditional in-person experience. But at BU, we have created a flexible, supportive, and advanced program to increase the success of our students. 


BU utilizes many learning and instructional technology platforms to ensure each student’s success. While all programs are 100% online, students participate in live classes via Zoom. Zoom is a communication and collaboration platform. It allows students to participate in real-time instruction with their teachers. 

“There were so many friends in my program that I looked forward to seeing during the live classes. The live classes were always interactive, not just viewing a PowerPoint.” – Olivia Wolfe, Associate Degree in Digital Marketing graduate.


While Zoom provides students with live instruction time, YellowDig is a platform that provides students with social connections. It helps to improve student engagement and build learning communities. 

“The YellowDig boards were very interactive. We would all post encouragements to bring each other up throughout the course.” – Olivia Poste, Clinical Medical Assistant Undergraduate Certificate graduate.


The Canvas learning platform is another program that all BU students become familiar with. Students submit their work for grading through Canvas, and what is unique at BU is that there is always the option to resubmit assignments for mastery. If a student submits an assignment and wishes to go back to really perfect it, there is an option to resubmit. 

“I appreciated my whole program, especially the flexibility of learning at my own pace. An added benefit was if there was something I didn’t quite understand, even if I did turn in the assignment, I was able to go back over my work, understand the topic, and resubmit for mastery.” – Vanessa Bradbrook, Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies and Litigation Technology graduate.


While Canvas helps students understand their lessons, the Cerego learning platform allows students to learn faster and retain more information. Most students love the platform as it provides interactive quizzes that help them retain the information they have gone over. One of the ways Cerego does this is by reintroducing concepts throughout a period of time to prove the student understands them before moving on to the next set of concepts. 

“I love the LearnIts, they are great. They help so much with memory retention. I’ve even spoken to my kids’ school about incorporating them into their education because I think there would be more success within their school.” – Jennifer Losch, Medical Billing and Coding graduate.


And finally, nothing makes an online education completely flexible like having textbooks right at your fingertips wherever you are. All programs include e-textbooks that you can utilize on your computer, tablet, or phone, making access to your learning materials genuinely convenient. 

“My favorite aspect of online learning was learning at my own pace. I can fit my schoolwork in here and there. I can even work from my phone while waiting in the car for my kids.” – Angela Henning, Associate Degree in Applied Exercise and Fitness graduate.

Setting You Up for Success: Instructional Platforms

At BU, these instructional platforms are only a few user-friendly learning technologies that allow students to get the most out of their academic endeavors. These technologies help students learn at a faster pace while retaining more information. Program-specific technologies also help students complete simulated job tasks a student might encounter in the workplace. By utilizing the most advanced research-based learning technologies, BU helps students succeed in the classroom and the workplace.

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