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Setting You Up for Success: Diving Into Career Services

Bryan University aims to “liberate the innate greatness in people.” This mission and BU’s core values create a framework for our students to receive the highest quality of education, which begins as soon as a student enrolls. 

We will examine the Bryan University Career Services department in the next installment of our Setting You Up for Success series. The Career Services team at BU strives to enhance the career development experience of all BU students to ensure that they meet employers’ workforce needs. 

Career Services Overview

At BU, Career Services plays a vital role in BU students’ academic journeys. The career services team is dedicated to providing all BU students with a high-value, equitable, and inclusive experience. This team ensures students receive the most advanced career guidance to obtain practical, productive skills to find career placement successfully. In this section, you’ll find out about career services, what they offer, how they can help, and who they are.

Skillful Advisors

The BU Career Services team comprises eight highly skilled career development professionals. Each career advisor works with their advisees on many ways to develop their career readiness once they graduate. And while BU is an entirely online school, the services and dedication of the staff are still intact. Advisors meet one-on-one virtually, host regular virtual workshops, and offer video tutorials for everyday career development tasks, such as creating a LinkedIn profile. 

“A lot of our job is meeting our students where they are. Our students are unique, sometimes returning to school for a second or third career. They are often new to the field and are just trying to figure out where they go next.” – Bryant Curtis, Senior Career Advisor.

Navigating Career Paths Together

Career Services advisors average over 500 touchpoints with BU students each month. These touchpoints include interactions such as Zoom chats, phone calls, emails, LinkedIn messaging, and more. 

While the Career Services team works closely with BU students, they also work hand-in-hand with all areas of BU. 

  • They work closely with the admissions team to help students interested in a specific academic program identify where that degree can take them in the future. 
  • They also work closely with the academic program directors to ensure program-specific career-related programs are available. One way is to have each student reach out to their Career Services advisor to schedule an appointment. This simple assignment allows the team to work on professional email correspondence techniques – taking every opportunity to build a student’s skills and experience. 
  • Finally, the team monitors and identifies emerging occupational specialties related to Bryan University programs. 

“If an employer tells us what they feel our graduates need, then we inform that back to our academic departments to ensure that what the employers tell us is included in the academic program. We are often a conduit into the real world needs and how those needs get built into a program.” Dr. Cecil Broadnax, Director, Workforce Dev. & Career Services

Connecting the Dots for a Bright Future

Career Services at BU helps students find out where they are going after receiving their degree by working with them throughout their education. Career Services helps BU students develop and improve their communication and professional etiquette skills to prepare them for their careers. 

Outreach to BU students from the career services team often begins before their first class. Students are encouraged throughout their academic careers to take advantage of the abundance of resources that the career services team offers. In the next installment of the Setting You Up for Success series, we will look at some specific services that are offered. 

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