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Press Release: Bryan University Selected to Join 2023 Credential As You Go Cohort

2023 Cohort Participant

Bryan University Selected to Join 2023 Credential As You Go Cohort

January 11, 2023 – Bryan University has been selected to join the 2023 cohort of Credential As You Go. The 2023 cohort consists of twenty-eight institutions, including private colleges and universities, public universities, community colleges, and more.

The Credential As You Go initiative focuses on improving education and employment outcomes for all learners. The organization aims to bring understanding and recognize the value of earning credentials such as degrees, certifications, licenses, and badges as you advance in your career. The goal is to bring awareness that earning credentials documents an individual’s continuation of learning and should be nationally recognized within the post-secondary educational field.

Credential As You Go began in 2021, with its founding limited to three states. The 2023 cohort has doubled the number of participating institutions and organizations with the hopes of continually growing each year.

“At Bryan University, we believe in liberating the innate greatness in people,” said Eric Evans, Bryan University President. “We want to prepare our students with practical, productive skills that lead directly to their professional careers. Joining the 2023 cohort of Credential As You Go seamlessly relates to what we, at Bryan University, live through our mission and vision each and every day. We are excited for this partnership and look forward to what will be accomplished over the next year.”

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