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How Will Healthcare Changes Affect You?

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Ronald Bachman, president and CEO of Healthcare Visions Inc., sheds light on upcoming healthcare changes during a recent virtual event produced and archived by Bryan University.

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Bachman is a Health Informatics Advisory Board Member at Bryan University, which offers programs related to health informatics at the undergrad and graduate level.

During the Showcase Series event, “Healthcare Consumerism,” Bachman aims to answer a series of questions for viewers:

  • Will your deductible plan protect you against rising healthcare costs?
  • As a patient, how can you become more active in your health choices?
  • How will the future affect the workplace with regards to performance, safety, and wellness?
  • What are the incentives for change, and will these incentives motivate a significant buy-in from health care consumers?
  • How can your mobile phone help you manage your health care?
  • Are you interested in the future of healthcare and consumerism, how the patient/provider relationship can be improved, and how these changes can affect the workplace?

Healthcare Visions is a thought-leadership firm dedicated to advancing ideas and policy initiatives that are impacting the U.S. healthcare market. Bachman is also a Senior Fellow of the Center for Health Transformation, the National Center for Policy Analysis, the Wye River Group on Health, and the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

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