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Celebrating World Distance Learning Day

World Distance Learning Day brings awareness to learning outside the traditional, physical classroom. Whether it’s a fully online or hybrid program, this flexibility allows students of all ages to reach their goals. 

History of World Distance Learning Day

In the 1960s, Open Universities first introduced the idea of distance learning, but it wasn’t until 1984 that the first fully online course was available. Many students jumped at the opportunity, and the trend is still in place today. 

World Distance Learning Day was established to showcase the various resources available to students and to celebrate the innovative ways distance learning has become possible.

Above all, quality online curriculums have made this possible, and several institutions around the globe have adopted this method into their own teachings like Bryan University. At Bryan, our learning technology is based on research to ensure you learn faster and retain more. 

Five Ways Bryan U Enhances Distance Learning 

Simulated Job Tasks

For any program you choose, we’ve integrated simulated job learning while collaborating with your peers to ensure you are prepared for the workforce post-graduation. 

Digital Course Content

All textbooks are provided to you in a digital, adaptive format, accessible with a click of a button. Did we mention that all textbooks and course materials are included in tuition? 

Live Online Classes and Events to Stay Connected

At Bryan, you can study and learn from the comfort of your home while having access to live events with peers, professionals, industry experts, mentors, tutors, and more, to keep you connected. Utilizing platforms such as Zoom, we record each session so if you happen to miss the event you can access it later. 

User-Friendly Learning Technology

You will be utilizing Cerego software, which adapts to your knowledge level and quizzes you, allowing you to learn faster and retain more. 

Re-submit Homework for Mastery

Didn’t get the grade you wanted? Through a platform we use called Canvas, Bryan U students are allowed to re-submit homework to improve their grades. At BU, we are here for you.

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