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Bryan University’s Acquisition of Caregiver Training Institute (CTI) – Information for CTI Students

We are pleased to announce that Bryan University recently acquired the Caregiver Training Institute (CTI), located in Portland, Oregon. CTI offers campus programs in Certified Nurse Assisting, Medication Aide, and CPR. 

CTI students will now join Bryan University students in becoming prepared with the knowledge, practical, and professional skills that will lead directly to promising careers. CTI students will also have additional skills and credentialing opportunities through Bryan University educational pathways. 

Bryan University President and CEO Eric Evans states: “Caregiver Training Institute has been a leading provider of certified nursing assistants, medication aides, and CPR training for over a decade. These programs strategically align with our incremental credentialing approach within our healthcare vertical by providing faster pathways to confidence and competence in new careers.” 

CTI founder and Program Director, Julie Bucher states: “We are eager to begin this journey with Bryan University, as it means we can offer CTI students additional educational opportunities regarding their future career while leveraging Bryan University’s organizational capacities to support and sustain CTI’s mission and vision.”

As a new division of Bryan University, CTI will continue to provide students a top-notch education with the ongoing support of the same staff and faculty. 

As a CTI student or prospective student, you may ask, ‘What does this mean for me?’

Below is a list of commonly asked questions relating to the campus acquisition. 

Commonly Asked Campus Acquisition Questions 

Q: With the campus acquisition, does this mean that I’m now attending Bryan University?

A: No, you’re still attending Caregiver Training Institute which is now a division of Bryan University.

Q: Will the location of the Caregiver Training Institute change?

A: No, the location will remain the same. 

Q: When I graduate, what will my certificate of training say?

A: Your certificate of training will come from the Caregiver Training Institute.

Q: Will I have new faculty members?

A: No, your faculty members will stay the same. 

Q: Will my schedule change?

A: No, your schedule will remain the same. 

Q: Is the cost of tuition changing?

A: If you’re currently in a program, the cost will remain the same. We honor the registration agreement that you signed prior to enrollment and your tuition is locked in.

Q: Will the curriculum or required clinical hours change?

A: No, current students will remain enrolled in the current curriculum with the same clinic hours as required by the Oregon Nursing Board. 

Q: Will my eligibility for certification through the Oregon State Board of Nursing change?

A: No, you will still be eligible for certification through the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

For more information or additional questions, please contact CTI at (503) 257-0117 or

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