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Bryan University to Present at the 2023 Credential As You Go Network Conference!

The Bryan University model for stackable credentials, degree programs, and industry certifications will be presented at the 2023 Credential As You Go (CAYG) Annual Network Conference on September 20-21, 2023. This annual event addresses questions surrounding the development, implementation, and delivery of incremental credentials and provides the opportunity for network members to connect with one another. Dr. Jennifer Newmann, BU Business Programs Director and BU Team leader for CAYG, will be presenting at the conference.

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Dr. Tammi Cooper, Bryan University Vice President of Academic Affairs, submitted a proposal on BU’s stacked program education model. “At Bryan University, we intentionally build stacked credentials, aligned with job skills, to provide students with a strong, incremental pathway to their chosen career. We design verticals of related programs where students move incrementally from a certificate to associate’s to bachelor’s without losing any credits.” 

At Bryan University, applying a stacked credential approach is the foundation of designing our programs while providing students with direct skill building pathways relating to employer’s needs. 

Dr. Cooper explains that BU creates programs that align with the current job market by first researching distinct career paths. The chosen programs are designed to include industry certifications within them. This allows additional career opportunities to be available to students by leveraging the added credentials they earn during their program.

Placing emphasis on preparing graduates to enter in-demand careers is at the forefront of the University’s mission and vision. Bryan University President Eric Evans states, “At Bryan University, we believe in liberating the innate greatness in people. We want to prepare our students with practical, productive skills that lead directly to their professional careers.”

The Credential As You Go initiative focuses on improving education and employment outcomes for all learners. The organization aims to bring understanding and recognize the value of earning credentials such as degrees, certifications, licenses, and badges as you advance in your career. The goal is to bring awareness that earning credentials documents an individual’s continuation of learning and should be nationally recognized within the post-secondary educational field.

For more information on Credential As You Go, please visit their website here

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