Impacting Fitness and Wellness

Petra Bromley 5K Pic

By Petra Bromley

Bryan University Graduate 2013


Currently, I am working at a small gym called Lakeside Rehab Family Fitness of Hart, MI. I began working here five months into my program at Bryan. I have many responsibilities on the job. I work the front desk and lead fitness classes including Aqua Zumba, Zumba Basic Steps 1 (for land) and Spinning.

I absolutely love it when someone comes to class and says, “I can’t believe I just did that. I used to not be able to do that! Thank you so much!”

It makes me feel great when I know that in whatever way, I impact someone else’s life for the better. I honestly want to be the one that encourages and inspires people to become the very best they are meant to be. I chose this path because it got me working within my field while attending college. Additionally, there is a growing possibility that once I pass my NASM CPT I can work at my current place of employment as a personal trainer.

I loved my teachers at Bryan University! They were amazing and pushed us to be our very best selves. They were the people that, if we had questions, we could ask for help and they would make every effort possible to help us with whatever we needed.

I also loved the webcams—it felt more personal than just going to a recorded lecture. The recorded ones were still good to go back over information.

I feel I am a lot more confident when leading my fitness classes because of my ability to give clients important information. I like that I know personally why something happens the way it does, or why it works—not because I read something and it told me so, but because I have actual experience and knowledge to know the why.

I love the fact that the instructors we had at Bryan were people working in the field and/or still going school pursuing higher degrees. It’s nice when you have questions you can get answers from people who actually know what they are talking about and are not just answering from a textbook.

My educational experience exceeded anything I expected from an online program. I made lasting friendships with people I’m able to communicate with over Facebook and other forms of media such as LinkedIn. We are able to get help from not only students but the amazing instructors as well. If I want to go back and get extra help with things like resume building, I am actually able to do that. When you attend Bryan, you are a Bryan student for life.

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