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Can You Get a Web Developer Job with Just a Certificate?

The Internet has been a part of most people’s everyday lives for decades, so you might have a vested interest in how computers work. This has led to you pursuing a coding or web development certificate or credential. Is the certificate enough to help you get a web developer job or do you need a degree as well?

A web developer certificate certainly helps beef up your resume, but it depends on the quality and content of the certificate because most hiring managers prefer job seekers who have the right skills that align with their job requirements. Your best course is to pursue a credential that has been vetted by industry employers and experts and provides the right coding skills for your career goals.

There’s plenty more to talk about regarding how to get a web developer job and what’s required (skills, credentials, and certificates versus degree), so make sure you keep reading!

Can You Get a Web Developer Job with a Certificate?

Before we dive into the nuances of working as a web developer, we must take a moment to differentiate between certificates and certifications. The terms are often used interchangeably but often refer to two different things.

An undergraduate certificate is generally accredited and thus recognized as a valid credential offered by colleges and universities. An example is Bryan University’s Full Stack Web Development Certificate program. A certification refers to meeting a competency or skill that is aligned with industry standards (such as a “badge”), and is frequently offered by companies that provide training for particular skills (e.g., LinkedIn Learning).

Having a certification is certainly a good step on the road to working as a web developer, but it’s important that the certification provides the right skills and support that leads to a web developer job. In general, hiring managers prefer web developers who have some college experience, and a college credential such as an undergraduate certificate or associate degree may improve employment prospects and give you a competitive edge when interviewing for a job.

As a web developer, you’ll be challenged in new and unpredictable ways all the time. The knowledge you gleaned when pursuing your certification might come in handy, but you can’t rely on a single certification alone to do your job. You need both soft skills and technical skills to excel as a web developer.

That’s where an online university degree comes in handy. Besides learning vital technical skills such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python, you can also develop important soft skills that employers want (such as teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving) while working towards an accredited degree.

Additional skills you gain in a degree program such as Bryan University’s Associate Degree in Full Stack Web Development include data structures and what comprises them. You’ll be able to unravel the algorithms that drive code. You’ll also learn quality assurance testing methods so you can better appreciate what goes into the job of a web developer.

You can also strengthen your written communication skills and your presenting skills, both of which will come in handy in your day-to-day working life and can help you advance in your career.

All along your college journey, you’ll build a coding portfolio that is an excellent showcase of your skills as an aspiring web developer. It’s this portfolio and a strong resume that could lead to you getting more callbacks from hiring managers!

Is a Web Developer Accredited Certificate Worth It?

Now that you know that becoming a web developer often entails learning advanced technical skills and soft skills, you may wonder if obtaining an accredited web developer certificate is worth it, or if it’s best to pursue a degree.

Having a certificate­–especially an accredited web developer certificate–is worthwhile for your future career and will serve you well in conjunction with a degree.

4 Advantages of Earning an Accredited Web Developer Certificate

  1. Proves Proficiency in Coding Languages and Frameworks
    A web developer must be proficient in core coding languages, techniques, and frameworks, and few things showcase that proficiency more effectively than an accredited undergraduate certificate.
    Fluency in multiple programming languages and technologies learned from an accredited certificate program can make you a more appealing candidate for your first web development job.
  2. Pads Your Resume
    If you’re of college-age or in your 20s, you might not have a lot of job experience. That’s especially the case if you’re pursuing a career in web development for the first time.
    Certifications can pad your resume with relevant experience and skills so you have something to show on your initial job interviews.
  3. Sets You Apart with a Coding Portfolio
    The top benefit of having a web development certification is that it makes you more knowledgeable in coding, and you can evidence this with your coding portfolio.
    You can think of your certificate and your degree as two ingredients in a sandwich. On their own, they’re both good, but when combined, they’re even better.
  4. Keeps You Current
    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting a career is to assume that you’ve gained all the skills you need. This is particularly pertinent in the tech industry where changes and updates occur frequently.
    By earning an accredited web development certificate, you can rest assured that the skills you are learning are the most current, in-demand skills that employers need.
    Plus, many colleges and universities such as Bryan University allow graduates who have completed a credential (either the certificate or associate degree) to return an audit courses free of charge to keep your skills sharp.

What Is the Best Web Developer Certificate to Earn?

There are at least 700 known programming languages but possibly more than a thousand. On top of that, there are countless related technologies, frameworks, and techniques.

Unless you dedicate your entire life to only coding languages and frameworks, then you’ll have to be picky and choosy about which ones you pursue.

Which web developer skills and certificates should you set your sights on?

That answer is simple. You should earn whichever credentials best complement your existing skills and align with your career goals.

We should note that quality trumps quantity here. If you have multiple skills and an undergraduate certificate, plus an associate degree, this could be more appealing to a hiring manager than a candidate with a bachelor’s degree only.

How to Get Your Accredited Web Developer Certificate and Associate Degree Online

If you’re interested in pursuing an associate degree in web development or earning a certificate, Bryan University could be the school you’re looking for. Our online school allows you to learn from the comfort of your own home.

Our accelerated programs help you graduate in the shortest amount of time possible while providing you sufficient time to learn the relevant skills so you can start applying for jobs and begin your exciting new career.

We offer two programs that you enroll in concurrently: our Full Stack Web Development Undergraduate Certificate program and our Associate Degree in Advanced Full Stack Web Development program. Once you complete your certificate, you can begin applying for jobs and working in the field while you continue on with the associate degree

You’ll get the skills you need and the experience that an associate degree delivers without having to prioritize one over the other!

We offer a range of skills you can learn including AJAX, HTML, MySQL, MongoDB, React.js, Mongoose, Node.js, Linux, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more!

We have expert faculty and coaches who help you every step of the way.

Also, with our expansive career services for current students and graduates, you can refine your resume so it’s ready to go into the hands of hiring managers. We even have interview prep and networking services.

Finally, as a Bryan University alumnus, you can audit any course you already took to refresh your knowledge so you’re always current on your web development skills!

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