52 Tips in 52 Weeks – Week One: Time Management

The Myth of Procrastination

52 Tips in 52 Weeks - Week One: Time Management 1

Many of us believe that poor time management is the result of procrastination, or worse, a product of laziness. However, this is not the case. The truth behind the idea of procrastination is that we have a problem with impulse, or what is sometimes called the present bias. Present bias is why we end up throwing away uneaten bananas or have the same New Year’s resolution six years in a row. Essentially, we face a constant struggle between the what we want now and the what we want over time. The latter is easily forgotten because what stimulates us now is powerful. We don’t want to solve for (x) because something on the television catches our eye, and we think that College Algebra is more important than the larger goal—a degree and a well-paying career. Therefore, we become discouraged over the smaller details of the now and forget about the bigger picture.

Tina Hammerton and our Student Outreach team produced a time management workshop with some great tips to keep you focused on the long-term goal.


You can also listen to the workshop here.

One Secret

While it’s supremely important to remain focused on your personal bigger picture, remember why you decided to become a student and further your education.

Did you want a better paying job?

Did you want to set a positive example for your children?

Were you seeking self-improvement?

Whatever your motivation, remember what inspired you and record it. Write it down, take a picture, or draw it. Keep that reminder with you, and put it somewhere that will always remind you of what it was that inspired you to do something greater.

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52 Tips in 52 Weeks - Week One: Time Management 2

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