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New Program Announcement: Full Stack Web Development

We’re excited to announce a new program now available at Bryan University, offered 100% online: an Associate Degree in Advanced Full Stack Web Development. This program is crafted in partnership with V School, a highly recommended tech school. The program leverages V School’s team of industry experts and proven track record of hands-on applied learning methods, coupled with BU’s evidence-based, interactive online learning environment. This unique combination provides an innovative and personalized learning experience that gives students skills that are aligned with employers’ needs.

The associate degree equates to 60 college credits. Graduates of this program will learn industry-backed skills such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Python, Django, MongoDB, Mongoose, MySQL, PostgreSQL, among others. The program also focuses on soft skills that employers value such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, speaking and presenting, and leadership. In the future, Bryan U will offer a transfer credit pathway for students graduating from V School’s on-ground Full Stack JavaScript course to receive credit towards the BU associate degree.

For additional program details, please visit our program landing page located here:, or navigate to the Associate Degree website page.

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