Good News for Paralegals

ALM Legal Intelligence reports that hourly pay rates for paralegals and other support staff rose last year both in law firms and corporate law departments. Base pay for paralegals now sits at $36.57 at law firms and $34.30 at corporate law departments.

The findings are the result of surveys conducted by ALM Legal Intelligence and the International Practice Management Association, which included nearly 300 firms and law departments providing information for over nine thousand professional positions.

The study further reports top pay for paralegals at law firms was $79.66 for managerial positions involving litigation support, technology and electronic discovery. Paralegal Directors made as much as $76.42. The highest earners in law departments were Paralegal Supervisors at $70.32. Managers of litigation support, technology and electronic discovery earned $65.35.

ALM Legal Intelligence is a source of detailed legal industry business information, competitive intelligence and market data. Information includes surveys, lists, rankings and reports and detailed law firm profiles.

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