Tina Hammerton is a Student Outreach Associate.

degree-scrollIt’s midterm time and you still have missing assignments from week two! Frantic, you add up the points you need to pass the class.

Will half credit on late work be ok as long as you complete the discussion post that’s also due today? Hmmm…this one looks easy…it doesn’t really matter if it isn’t quite the 200 words the instructor requires, right? Wrong! Those 10 extra minutes needed to add 30 more words are a good investment. Why? Because earning a “C” or above in the class ensures you can meet the academic requirements for remaining in school and completing your program of study.

Think of it this way: imagine you have six months to beat a video game or train for a marathon. In the first four months you play the game only twice a week or run only three miles a day. What would you have to do in those last two months? It would not be pretty.

College operates in much the same way. Earning lower grades now means you play catch up toward the end of your program to be eligible for graduation. D is for Difficult: Difficult to overcome a damaged grade point average! You would have to earn all “A’s” and “B’s” just to get back to the minimum standard. Imagine waking up and running 20 miles a day when you’ve been running only three. Can you hear the ambulance? Don’t do that to yourself! An hour or two right now can prevent that.

Many students make the decision that if worst comes to worst, passing the class with a “D” will be ok. While this option is better than getting an “F,” it still hurts your chances of earning a degree and can even hurt financial aid eligibility.

Student Outreach is here to talk about how to prioritize assignments and earn the grade you want. Even with limited time, a little more effort and planning can raise a grade and save you from unwanted stress near the end of your program, when classes often increase in difficulty. That time should be focused on working with Career Services to compete for a job, not panicked and hoping for 100 percent on every quiz, test, and discussion post. You deserve better. Call Student Outreach for help today!

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