52 Tips in 52 Weeks – Week Two: Plant Your Tree!

Plant your tree


Last week, we discussed the importance of goal setting as a central component of time management. This week’s tip offers a secret to remembering your goals and, moreover, how these goals affect you and everyone else around you.

Committing to the rigor of a college degree is not a commitment you face alone. That is, many other people are impacted by your decision. Who are they, and how do they benefit by your commitment? Acknowledging the others who have a stake in your educational goals can help you through not only the tough times, but celebrating great achievements as well.

The illustration below presents an interesting (and creative) way to map your personal goals and their effect on those invested in your success. The graphic depicts two levels of branches, or effects that extend outward from your decision to pursue your goals in higher education. However, I challenge you to consider four levels of outward reaching branches in your tree. When you draw your personal tree, you might discover six levels. Essentially, the deeper you go, the more likely you are to remember your reasons for your commitment.

The Secret


Think of education as the tree’s trunk. From there, map out your levels:

  1. Why? Is it a better career, job security, a positive example? This is a good second tier of branching.
  2. Who? Consider those who are affected by this commitment. This could be your third level.
  3. How? Consider how your social connections, friends, and family are impacted by your decision.

Now plant your tree and make sure you take care of it!

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