52 Tips in 52 Weeks – Week Three: Asking for Help is Okay

By Ara Austin52 Tips in 52 Weeks - Week Three: Asking for Help is Okay 1

Looking back on life, most of the core values I now have were shaped when I was a little girl.  My grandfather always told me to solve my own problems, my dad encouraged independence, and my mother taught me to help those in need.   None of them said anything about what I should do if I got stuck. I was supposed to just figure it out.

I am almost certain that most of you are in a similar boat.  You don’t want to inconvenience anyone or make yourself known to be the person with issues who can’t manage.  We independent people don’t want to deal with the uneasiness of bothering other people.

However, our greatest strength can also be our greatest weakness.  When we reach a wall that we cannot climb over on our own, we have to sit there even if our goal is waiting for us on the other side. We know of people who have ladders, but we don’t want to ask because it goes against our upbringing.

The world around us is made possible by the collaborative effort from each individual.  I provide help to the students here at Bryan University because I know you will contribute to the greater good by becoming an expert in your field one day.  In the future, I have no doubt you can help others climb their walls.

For the time being, I, along with the others in the academic assistance team, will bring you the ladders.



Don’t stress over problems that you can’t solve on your own. It is better to ask for assistance and explore the options others can provide for you.

  • Did you know various research studies indicate that issues are more effectively resolved when people work together?
  • Did you know your instructors and the academic assistance team provide free tutoring for your courses?

You have enough things to worry about on daily basis, and you don’t need additional stress from your courses.  Remember, your job as the student is to seek out help while your instructors need to work with you to attain your goals.

Ara Austin is the academic assistant at Bryan University.  Since 2006, she has worked with various students, starting with kindergarteners to business executives.  She planned to go to medical school after college but realized she loved teaching too much to leave it behind. 

Ara graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Biochemistry along with minors in Psychology and Communication.  She will continue her education as a Chemistry Ph.D. student this fall.

You will often find Ara people watching at coffee shops around the city.  She enjoys writing short narratives about her encounters with strangers.   

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