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52 Tips in 52 Weeks: Week Thirteen - The Dreamboard

The Dreamboard

Bryan University - 52 Tips in 52 Weeks


To give you the most impactful tips for being a successful student, perspective is important. This week’s tip comes from a student. Special thanks to Tami Smock, a Court Reporting student and creative superstar, for her contribution to this week’s tip: The Dreamboard.

The Dreamboard is Tami’s idea to keep focused on the long-term goal. It’s a great tool that supplements some of the tips we shared in the first week of this project. It’s easy to lose focus, and posting a few reminders on your Dreamboard is a quick visual reference to remind you why your decision to further your education is so important.

What’s on your Dreamboard?

A Vacation?

Have you always wanted to take a trip to Paris or maybe Australia or even Hawaii? Find a picture of your dream location and paste it to your board.

More Family Time?

Have you dreamed of having more family time? What kind of things would you do with this extra time? Find some pictures or words that symbolize how you would spend this extra time. This could even be just more time for yourself, doing fun things that you have always wanted to do.

A New Car?

Have you always wanted to buy a new car? Find a picture of the car and post it to your board.


Have you ever wanted to ditch the 9-to-5 office desk job?  Find some pictures that symbolize your new career vision and how it will take you away from the career status quo.

Creating a Dreamboard is easy and affordable. You can get your supplies cheaply and conveniently. Once you have your materials, find a place where you can easily spot it. Make it stand out. Then start collecting pictures from magazines, newspapers, or from your own collection of pictures. This should be a fun project. If you find yourself stressing while doing it, you should step away and come back to it later. Remember—it doesn't have to be perfect!

A Dreamboard can be a constant work in progress. Sometimes our dreams change, and that's okay. Make the changes as your dreams change. You can even prioritize the items on Dreamboard if you want. I choose not to because I feel like whatever order the dreams happen is the way it's supposed to be. I don't want to get hung up on hoping for that first dream, when the second or third might be easier to obtain.

Tami Smock lives in Citrus Heights, CA with her husband and 9-month-old daughter. She started the Court Reporting program at Bryan University in late 2008. She has always been interested in the legal field, but more as a fly on the wall rather than an attorney. In April 2011, she created her first Dreamboard. A baby was on this board. See, dreams do come true!  🙂

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