52 Tips in 52 Weeks: Week Seventeen – It’s All About Relationships

52 Tips in 52 Weeks: Week Seventeen - It's All About Relationships 1Bryan University - 52 Tips in 52 Weeks





It’s All About Relationships


The third level of Maslow’s Revised Hierarchy of Needs is all about relationships—specifically, social structures, belongingness, groups, and relationships centered on affection, affiliation, friendships, and love. This need assures us that we are not alone, that there are others in our lives who care about us. Despite any claims we might make where we say, “I don’t need anybody else,” we actually do. Without others in our lives—without relationships, affiliations, and affection—we become lonely and less likely to cope with the things life throws at us.

Relationships and Education


The nexus of relationships and education is supremely important. Without a strong support structure in place, we become less likely to form critical human bonds that can help us through challenging times. Without these relationships, a minor obstacle might seem like an insurmountable barrier and, accordingly, a situation where a disruption becomes a reason for giving up.

The Bryan University Student HUB on Facebook


Several months ago, Bryan University surveyed its student population. We asked about our social media presence and its effectiveness; specifically, we wanted to know if our social media efforts were fostering collegial relationships and conveying critical information to our student population. Thanks to the insightful responses from our student population, we found that Bryan University needed to do more.

Our central learning model makes a bold claim: We challenge the boundaries of traditional education and liberate the innate greatness in people. The new Bryan University Student HUB on Facebook proves that we take this approach seriously.

Bryan University is proud to announce the arrival of a new social community housed inside Facebook. Through a partnership with Inigral, we developed an exclusive online community that allows our students to share personal interests and meet new friends through Facebook in real-time. Essentially, it takes all of the best features of our current social community (the Student HUB) and amplifies them using the exact look and feel of Facebook. Students find their interests inside the new HUB, such as favorite sports teams, activities, and music artists, and the HUB makes recommendations for students to connect with other students based on shared interests. These interests focus on other real life activities and interests beyond the limits of the classroom. There are hundreds of communities, interests, and activities. The Bryan University Student HUB on Facebook also allows students to create their own unique communities so that other Bryan University students can join and make new friends. However, the best feature of the new Bryan University Student HUB on Facebook is the platform’s ability to allow students to start their own conversations in real-time. That is, students can start a conversation about anything, anytime, either inside a micro-community or in the Bryan University community commons. Students can share with a few or many. It is a many-to-many relationship and, most importantly, a way to build a social support structure that bolsters affiliations and relationships between students who may not have known each other previously.

The Bryan University Student HUB on Facebook will launch for all current students in early December. We will open up the HUB to all future students in early 2013.

Happy Facebooking!

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