52 Tips in 52 Weeks: Week Seven – Be a Good Peer

Be a Peer and Mentor Others


In the previous weeks, we’ve discussed the importance of developing a supporting cast while you achieve your academic goals. However, this support system is not limited to your friends, family, and employer. As much as they might help you succeed, you can also help yourself and others by being a good peer to your classmates. You are all part of a team with the same goal. Why not team up for success?

Every student brings a unique perspective to the classroom. Use this diversity to your advantage and make friends. Building relationships with your classmates can help you share ideas, tips, and tactics to make you successful.

Mentor Others


Occasionally, you might meet a fellow student who requires some help, perhaps with an issue you successfully overcame. If so, be a good peer and share your experience and, especially, what you did to overcome the issue. You never know when this classmate might—as they say—pay it forward.



Some Secrets for Being a Good Peer


  • Actively listen to your classmates
  • Respond with your perspectives in a helpful tone
  • Engage with your classmates and relate some personal experiences




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