52 Tips in 52 Weeks: Week Nine – Changing the World

52 Tips in 52 Weeks: Week Nine - Changing the World 1Changing the world


We are predisposed to thinking about what goes wrong, what happened to us, and what we could have done better. However, we forget that what happened has already passed and there is nothing we can do about it. Being successful means having the ability to shrug things off—to let the negative things that cling to us fall away.

A few secrets


Everyone gets down, frustrated, or upset over some internal or external force. Some of these things we have control over; others we don’t. It is important that we put things in perspective, and we can do this by paying attention to the little positive things that get overshadowed by the negative things we tend to hold on to.Bryan University: 52 Tips in 52 Weeks - Week Nine: Change the World


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