52 Tips in 52 Weeks: Week Fourteen – Online Learner’s Bootcamp

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Over the next eight weeks, we are dedicating our 52 Tips in 52 Weeks project to self-regulated learning. In other words, we are going to offer advice on how to remain disciplined when balancing your life and the rigor of your courses.


Maslow’s Revised Hierarchy of Needs

The above image represents the eight key needs identified by Abraham Maslow (1954) and revised by social psychologists over the years. The critical components depicted in the triangle are what we innately seek to fulfill basic human and individual growth needs. At its core, Maslow’s theory explains our individual drive to reach satisfaction in our lives. His theory states that one cannot progress to a higher level (toward self-actualization) until the lower levels have been reasonably satiated. Each of us is not only capable of becoming self-actualized, but we actually desire it.

The Disruption

Because we are all unique and, ultimately, at our own stage in Maslow’s hierarchy, the introduction of higher education into our lives causes some degree of disruption. Even if we desire cognitive growth, the rigor of education disrupts the lower levels. We must make this new variable congruent with all of the other needs we must also maintain.


Over the next eight weeks, we will discuss each level of needs and how education can be a congruent part of your life and your growth process. You will learn to identify and limit the disruption while focusing on personal, and desired, cognitive growth and your innate drive toward self-actualization.

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