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52 Tips in 52 Weeks - Week Five: What is Your Brand?

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August 16, 2012

What’s Your Brand? Standing Out From Other Job Seekers


Special thanks to Maria Montoya for her content contribution to this week's 52.

Employers are looking for more than just skills when they are trying to find the right employee. They are also looking for someone who possesses a special work ethics, values, or attitudes that complement their organization. When reading your resume and cover letter, and after speaking with you in an interview, employers will be looking for these traits in you. Do you have them? If you have not taken the time to identify the traits you bring to the table, you will likely blend in with other candidates, and will not stand out from the crowd. Therefore, every job seeker needs to raise their awareness regarding their unique combination of traits – also known as their brand.

From Left: Angela Kutil, Patrick Hanson, Maria Montoya, Jan Zimmerman

Your brand is what employers think of you when they receive communications from you. You want to ensure that you know what your brand is, and consistently communicate your brand in your cover letter, resume, social media (such as LinkedIn), and in your interviews.  If you don’t actively manage your brand, your reputation and image will be created for you – sometimes undesirably.  To learn more about your brand, or to start working on managing your own brand, contact career services for a career coaching session.

A Few Secrets


  1. Start early. Don't wait until graduation is upon you. Start building your brand now. Who are you, and what makes you special? After all, everyone has some unique aspect to his or her personality, even if it's a hobby. And it might just be this simple uniqueness that sets you apart.
  2. For whom do you want to work. Start researching potential employers now. Look on job boards; drive to some local businesses. Ask yourself: Do I want to work for <...>? If so, introduce yourself early. Let the employer know that you are a student in the field and, moreover, that you are interested in joining the team. Proactive efforts like these are memorable.
  3. Know yourself. What are your greatest strengths? What are your weaknesses? Do you have a set of values that can never be compromised? If so, follow this link, download the document, and take this test.


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