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Obtaining a Professional Edge: Jerry Braveman


Midsection of lawyer with arms crossed standing against books in shelves

I worked for many years for Verizon Wireless in their call center in the Sacramento area until they did some corporate restructuring and my position was eliminated. My father is an attorney, so I started doing a little work with him while I was looking for a job, and that got me interested in the paralegal field. I needed a career where I could find work pretty much anywhere, but that would also pay enough for me to work and put my kids in daycare. I have 3 sons and 2 daughters, so it is definitely a big responsibility.

The first time I was introduced to Bryan University was when I decided I was going to look into Paralegal programs. I searched online and found a number of different online paralegal programs, but only Bryan University had the e-Discovery component, which interested me because I’m a big computer geek, and e-Discovery is a new and growing field.

If you are looking to get into the paralegal field and you want an edge in the marketplace, e-Discovery at Bryan University is definitely something worth exploring because technology is always advancing and it has changed more in our lifetimes than it ever has in history. There is nothing more valuable to a prospective employer than people who have skills with things that they themselves are not familiar. My dad is old school – he likes his legal pads and his pencil and he’s not very tech savvy. When I first started working with him, he would ask me to do searches and manage his calendar and do all sorts of different things, and I’ve learned through the Paralegal e-Discovery program at Bryan University that there are a lot more efficient, better ways to do those things and I’m just soaking it up. I love it, and it will give me a great marketable skill. In the world of computers, anyone who knows anything you don’t is a genius.

At Bryan, I have also been able to take classes on lots of different aspects of the law, some of which I was familiar with and some of which were new to me and so I’ve been able to explore things that hadn’t even occurred to me before.

The synchronous classes, when we all get together in a live teleconference, are very important because it gives me a chance to connect with the teachers and with fellow students. Sometimes online schools can seem like you are out on an island by yourself and adrift, but the synchronous classes are like a port in the storm, a place to come in and touch base with everyone and make sure that you are on course. Additionally, I’ve had times in the past where something has happened with one of my kids or my health and I’ve missed a class here and there, and one of the great things with the technology they use at Bryan is they record the sessions, and so you can go back and watch the sessions that you missed.

I’ve had some really great instructors here, they are experts in their field and they are very helpful and very responsive and they are always good about answering our questions and encouraging us to explore the subjects.

I have loved my time at Bryan University – I get everything at Bryan University that I would get on a brick-and-mortar campus.

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